The top three hallway shots were initial tests for a modular dungeon set in Unreal4.  Although they were fairly early I think they would have worked well with more polish had the level not been cut.

The next shot is a small demon wall lamp that would illuminate with the flaming swords.  90 percent hand modelled with a small amount of z brush.  

The bronze horsehead was meant to be the housing for a magic unicorn horn.

The lizard statue was a special backer statue made for a high paying contributor to Torment based on their idea.  I hand modelled the whole thing.

This is a storyboard sequence I quickly put together to illustrate a possible intro to a demo that we were thinking about doing at qualcomm

A hand modelled statue that i am working on.  Once I finish the legs and back i will move over to ZBrush

These are the fun ones.  Collections of half and full screens from a few early games I worked on.  Might and Magic intros monster and events, and aliens and planets from a sci fi game called zephyr.