Jonathan Gwyn has worked professionally in the video game development business since 1990, contributing to a variety of games and genres across multiple platforms.  Although mainly an Environment Artist now, Jon has also been a Concept Artist, Character Artist, Art Lead and Art Director during the course of his 28 year career.

Jon was most recently Art Director of The VR Game Blade Runner Revelations, Art Coordinator of the Millenium Falcon ride at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge ( Star Wars land ) and a main Environment Artist on the MMO Dark and Light for Unreal 4.

Recent work has included Senior Environment Artist on such titles as Grand Theft Auto V, Bards Tale 4, Torment Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2 and Character concept work on Wasteland 3.

Past work includes Main Artist on The Unity mobile game Reign of Amira, World Builder and Artist on Insomniacs Resistance 3, Art Director on The Golden Compass for Sega, Warner Brothers Justice League and Green Lantern game proposals, and Lead Artist on The Matrix Path of Neo and Artist on Enter The Matrix.

Older Projects include Character Artist for Shiny Entertainments Sacrifice, 3D Artist on Shinys Earthworm Jim 2 and lead artist on several Might and Magic tiles.

Jon is extremely fortunate to work in this industry and be able to use his talent and creativity to contribute to these great games.. In his spare time he is a big Science Fiction fan and love movies, books and TV.  Jon loves to draw and read comics and just enjoy his hobbies and spend time with his family.