My name is Jonathan Gwyn and I have been working in the Video Game industry for the last 20 + years.  I grew up in Southern California and attended both Cal State Northridge and Cal State Dominguez hills.  My first break in the game industry came when I was hired at Cinemaware to work on their TV Sports line of games.  After only three months the studio failed to come to terms with a publisher buyout option and closed its doors.

 I was then able to secure a job at New World Computing, where I started as a generalist on several PC games ranging from the Might and Magic series of RPG's to Zephyr and It Came From The Dessert. 

Upon leaving New World, I ventured out with two partners to form our own development studio, Screaming Pink inc. During this time I was the Art Director and 1 of 2 actual artists.  We worked on the Playstaion and Dreamcast ports of Earthworm Jim2 where I was tasked with redoing the backgrounds in 3D.  Later we worked on several other small titles and in house projects.  The company closed shop after 3 years,

Because of the work I had done on Earthworm Jim, I was hired at Shiny Entertainment and joined the core team working on Sacrifice as the Character Artist.  Over the 3 years of the project I was able to co design and model over 65 characters.  This was a great time and resulted in a fantastic game that was an industry favorite it terms of style and design.  I stayed at Shiny for 11 years and besides Sacrifice, I worked on both Enter The Matrix and The Matrix Path of Neo, the later of which I was the Lead Artist.  After the Matrix games I was promoted to Art Director and oversaw a crazy 10 month development schedule for The Golden Compass, on 6 different SKU's.  

Shiny was sold to Foundation 9 and joined their other studio,The collective, to form a new studio called Double Helix.  I was an Art Director for two years at Double Helix on a cancelled Justice League project as well as a Green lantern game.

After a big lay off at Double Helix I worked for a year at Insomniac Games as an artist on Resistance 3.  When my work was done I moved over to Rockstar and was a Senior Environment Artist on Grand Theft Auto 5 for over a year, before I accepted a position at Qualcomm as Environment Artist in their Advanced Gaming division.  I spent 2 years at Qualcomm doing most of the background art for a Hack and Slash game called Reign of Amira on Android.

When my project at Qualcomm was done the division did not have any more work for me, so I headed over to InXile, where for the last 3 years I have been a Senior Environment Artist on Wasteland 2 and Now Torment - Tides of Numenera,  in which I created over have of the levels in the game.  I recently contributed to both The Mages Tale on Occulus and The Bards Tale 4 on Unreal.  I continue to work on character concepts on contract for Wasteland 3.

I am Extremely fortunate to work in this industry and be able to use my talent and creativity to contribute to these great games.. In my spare time I am a big Science Fiction fan and love movies, books and TV.  I love to draw and read comics and just enjoy my hobbies and spend time with my family.

jonG     3-17